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today i prayed my plane would crash

name: emalie or emmy
gender: female
age: 14
location: lauderdale FL

10 favorite bands:
1. the early november
2. something corporate
3. fall out boy
4. hawthorne heights
5. senses fail
6. hidden in plain view
7. the used
8. i can make a mess like nobody's business
9. my chemical romance
10. rufio

5 favorite movies:
1 breakfast club.
2. sixteen candles
3. harry potter
4. star wars
5. the outsiders

5 favorite books:
1. goblet of fire
2. the outsiders
3. ten things to do before i die
4. order of the pheonix
5. tall cool one

are you emo? prove it, emo kid: i cry myself to sleep most nights

tell me something interesting: umm i don't have a very interesting life but horses see as if they had a fist in between their eyes? i think that's cool

confess a secret: i am in love with a 12 year old

prove you have a brain cell: do you want me to have a labotamy and show you the brain or say something smart? well here's something smart......vete a carajo

if given the chance, how would you kill ashlee simpson?: cut all of her hair off set it on fire stuff it in her mouth and sew her mouth shut

what is the square root of 3?: 1.73205080756

what is the most important conflict in today's society? why?: the subject of making abortion illegal because i believe that abortion is murder and i think that it SHOULD NOT BE LEGAL! but that's just my opinion

where did you find us?: on one of my friends info

promote us to 2 or more communities: ok i will.

i am so emo that _________.: i cry myself to sleep at night(as i said before)

post a picture of yourself: (optional)
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this is me.......
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