kay? (ladyofthe_night) wrote in color_us_emo,

today i prayed my plane would crash

name: Kaylee
gender: female
age: 17
location: Michigan

10 favorite bands: Funeral for a Friend, My Chemical Romance, Senses Fail, Hawthorne Heights, Remembering Never, UnderOATH, A Static Lullaby, Thrice, Finch, The Early November, The Used, Finch
5 favorite movies: Alex & Emma, Amityville, Maid in Manhatten, Two Weeks Notice, The Ring, The Grudge
5 favorite books: Slightly Settled, Asking For Trouble, Lucky.. I don't read as much I should.

are you emo? prove it, emo kid: I cry a lot. If anything's slightly sad, moving, touching..
tell me something interesting: Kids in the school band really are overly sexually active. It's actually kind of creepy.
confess a secret: I really do have a crush on this boy that's liked me since freshman year and I will finally admit it. *blushes*
prove you have a brain cell: I've been accepted to the University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan and Wayne State. :)
if given the chance, how would you kill ashlee simpson?: Trip her, so she giggles and acts like a dumb retard. Since she'll be too busy giggling and acting like she has no idea what's going on, I'd strangle her with that stupid tie she always seems to be wearing.
what is the square root of 3?: It's not a perfect square, it's 1.73....
what is the most important conflict in today's society? why?: The war with Iraq. So many Americans are dying for it, and along with innocent people over there, and for what? Nothing good has come of it.

where did you find us?: so_contagious__
promote us to 2 or more communities: _ffaf and mcr_icons

i am so emo that _________.: I can't get rid of my stupid security blanket that I've had since I was born, I feel lost without it.

post a picture of yourself: (optional)
I normally don't wear that much make up, it was Halloween.
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Ashlee Simpson is wearing ties now?
Yeah, I've seen a few pictures of her wearing them.
Haha, What is this world coming to? Oh, by the way.. I say Yes.
im sad cuz i have to get my wisdom teeth out tomorrow and im scared scared scareddddddddddddddddddd :(

but yes
++++alex & emma(I love that movie and everyone else I know seems to hate it lol)
& you wrote finch twice.

nothing really caught my attention.

yeah well originally i sais yes.
but i changed my mind.

no sorry.